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Ringing in the New Year with the Littles

December 31, 2017

Over Christmas, my mother's entire side of the family came to Texas for a "good ol' fashioned Tullar Christmas". Yes... keep that image of Clark Griswold in your mind. It was the first time 100% of us were together in one place since 1986 (and I was 5).  Since that time, there have been marriages of the cousins and more kiddos added to the crew. Twenty-two family members total for a lot of eat, drink and being merry. My son got the opportunity to meet all of them and have a blast with his cousins. When everyone was parting ways saying bye after a week of togetherness, T and his cousin Z were very sad to leave one another.  They definitely became instant BFFs and since they live 2,000 miles away from each other, I thought it would be fun to celebrate New Year's Eve together via Facetime.  So I set out the next day on a quest for NYE fun in a box to ship to New Hampshire to make our party a hit!


The best part about all of this is that I used stuff I had around the house mixed with fun finds I found at the Dollar Tree. The most important part of this whole package of fun was the confetti. Instead of running to Hobby Lobby and just buying some at a premium (and added frustration with the amount of shoppers after Christmas), I decided to make my own!  For a matter of 20 minutes time and little supplies, the results were spectacular and better than I had anticipated! Definitely talking pennies on the dollar!  



• Various scraps of tissue paper in different colors, patterns, etc. (reuse what you have if you can!)

• Scraps of tule (I used the glitter kind on a spool that I use for bows)

• Cellophane scraps (I wish I had some of iridescent kind on hand!  Would have been cute!)

• Scissors

• Hole punches of different sizes *

• Foil shreds * find them here

• Glue * 

• Sequins *

• Party paper snack cups *  find them here


The things I want you to remember with this project... 

• It does NOT have to be perfect!

• Don't overthink it!

• Get your littles involved! 

• Don't go out and buy fancy punches and cutters. If you don't have hole punches of different sizes, use your scissors and create strips, squares, funky triangles, etc.  



































Create lots of variation with different size pieces in a variety of colors.  I used tissue paper in teal, small black & white stripe, hot pink, red-orange, white with gold foil dots.  All paper that I had on hand.  I used about 1/4 of a sheet of each color.  I tried to maximize my materials and time as much as possible. For best results, accordion fold your paper before you begin cutting or punching out shapes. I also went back with my tiny hole puncher and got even smaller dots to add variety.  To add extra texture I used cellophane, glitter tule and foil shreds from Dollar Tree. I also used the foil shreds as packing material to send everything to  New Hampshire.  Total win-win!


After I completed my confetti, I divided it up into 3 party snack cups.  I used pink!  I also used a magic marker to write "Open to Party" on the side.  I used measured a small square of black & white striped tissue paper to fit over the top of the cup.  Then I took my glue stick and went all around the cup and ensured I had a generous amount all the way around.  After that, I put my square of tissue paper on top and pressed it all the way around to seal it up.  My idea for this was to have the kids bust it open and have a full on confetti party!  You could easily use treat bags or Ziploc bags instead and skip this step!  





















And there you have it!  Festiveness on the fly that is super fun!  To complete the package, I found some fabulous fillers at the Dollar tree:


• Set of 5 mini hats (perfect for shipping and budget!) >> click here

• Plastic flutes with silver rim that I added 2018 on them with a paint marker >> click here

• Juice boxes (for easy transport of a tasty beverage for the flutes)

• Mardi Grais beads >> click here

• Glitter glasses >> click here

• Glow wands >> click here

• Glow-in-the-dark bracelets >> click here

• Party poppers >> click here

• Noise makers >> click here


Can't wait for our family New Year's countdown!  All of the kids are super excited and ready for CONFETTI! I even have my little one excited about using our Dyson to clean up afterwards.  That's what I call a win-win!  CHEERS!  Wishing you all a fabulous and prosperous 2018! See you next year!






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